- 15 Day Trial -
RAW Academy

The gateway to training success

Every new member joining the RAW community passes through the Academy Process, our 15 day trial program where you get the RAW Experience sampling 121 coaching, group classes and education covering nutrition fundamentals. We want you to get a feel for our training style, our methods and our awesome community of people before you commit to joining us.

RAW Success Session

Stage One
This initial session pinpoints your individual starting point and identifies your specific goals and needs, helping your designated coach build a plan to help you progress. As well as top coaching on the gym floor, you’ll be taught simple nutritional strategies relevant to you that can be implemented to help you move closer towards your goal.

Private Coaching

Stage Two
We believe in doing things right which is why you’ll spend a session learning the fundamentals in a private 121 session with your RAW Coach. If you’re just starting out we’ll give you the tools needed to be safe and successful in our group classes. If you’re more advanced we’ll help you refine your technique, develop your skills and technique so you can push on even further. Even the best athletes have coaches so this is a great chance to level up with the help of the RAW Team.

Group Classes

Stage Three
After establishing the fundamentals with you’re coach you’ll be ready to workout alongside the RAW Fam in one of our numerous group classes. We’ve got a packed timetable so your coach guide you through it and give you suggestions on what the best sessions will be to suit your needs and ability.

Final Check

Stage Four
After 2 weeks of group classes you’ll be getting a feel for what training at RAW Inc is all about and you can decide if we’re the right place for you. Having completed the RAW Academy you’ll be eligible for membership if you choose to continue your journey with RAW after your 15 day trial ends.